Eliminate 52% of bearing failures with LabTecta®66.

Save your bearings with LabTecta®66, the IP66 certified bearing protector.


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Lab-Cutthrough.jpgResearch shows that 52% of bearing failures are due to contamination of the bearing oil, which represent 20.8% of all rotating equipment failures.


LabTecta®66 is a labyrinth design bearing protection seal, which is proven to increase equipment reliability in pumps, electric motors, fans, pillow blocks, steam turbines and gearboxes.

  • Will help eliminate 52% of bearing failures.
  • Has a conservative life expectancy exceeding 10 years
  • Is IP66 rated ensuring protection against solids and water contamination, when your equipment is either static or rotating.
  • Can be fitted on shafts already worn by lip seals.


"I firmly conclude this ingenious field-repairable isolator will prove highly cost effective and lead to demonstrable equipment failure reductions".
Heinz Bloch
The Labtecta® Range
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Case History:

See how one customer achieved a 540% MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) increase. An OEM Lip-Seal was allowing paint to enter the motor, causing failure every 2.5 Months. This Case History shows how the switch to LabTecta® lead to a 540% MTBF increase and paid for itself within 1 month of fitting.

The LabTecta® Literature:

The LabTecta® literature contains more details on the research statistics, the testing processes and results, and the underlying technology of the LabTecta® bearing protector seal.

The Bearing Protection Range Brochure:

This literature covers the whole range of application specific bearing protection seals engineered by AESSEAL®. Including variants for flooded gearboxes, top or side entry applications, split-seal variants, inboard or outboard air-purge designs for highly contaminated environments, pillow-block variants, steam turbine specific models, and more.

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