How to Improve Pump Reliability

Mechanical Seals - Like a Fuse in the System?

This series explains how mechanical seals - while not designed to fail - often act like a fuse in an electrical system.

Watch the short preview video and find out:

  • What mechanical seals need for a long life
  • How oversized pumps can kill mechanical seals
  • How production pressures impact on mechanical seal life
  • How to stop mechanical seals prematurely failing
  • How to reduce your pump downtime
Find out how to ensure good seal life, and reduce pump downtime with our 5 part series - delivered to you daily.

This daily series of 5 videos will help you improve your pump reliability, lower your costs and increase production output.

The videos will help you understand what issues can cause mechanical seal failure and why issues within your pumping system can show up as mechanical seal failure. 

Mechanical seals - while not designed to fail - often act like a fuse in an electrical system.  In many cases mechanical seal failure is the first indication of problems in the pumping system as a whole.


Improve Your Pump Reliability - Watch the Video Training Series




Part 1: Why a mechanical seal is like a fuse in the system
  • Troubleshooting reliability
  • Sealing areas on rotating equipment
  • Mechanical seal operation
Part 2: What a mechanical seal needs for a good life
  • What a mechanical seal needs for long life
  • How long should a mechanical seal last?
  • Make your pump fault finding process easier
Part 3: How to kill a mechanical seal, Oversized Pumps
  • Problems that arise from not running a pump at its best efficiency point
  • How miss-operation affects mechanical seal life
Part 4: How to kill a mechanical seal, Uptime
  • How poor installation affects seal life
  • Misalignment
  • Dry Running
  • Solids and abrasion
Part 5: How to protect a mechanical seal
  • Surge protection devices
  • Advantages / disadvantages of dual mechanical seals
  • Advantages / disadvantages of seal support systems

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