Time to upgrade your lip seals?

You can eliminate issues caused by the use of lip seals with the LabTecta® range of IP66 certified bearing protectors

If you have been experiencing worn shafts/sleeves, oil and water contamination or a loss of lubrication in your equipment, then you might want to check your sealing method.

All these issues result in an increase in maintenance costs, process downtime and a loss in production. Suddenly the low cost lip seal option isn’t so ‘low cost’.



The Problem with Lip-Seals – What is the True Cost?

Extensive testing shows conclusively that lip-seals cannot effectively protect your bearing oil. Recognized problems with lip-seals include:

  • Have a short effective lifespan
  • Ineffectiveness at keeping contamination from bearing housings
  • Serious wear of shafts, causing extensive equipment damage and added cost
  • The loss of lubrication, leading to catastrophic bearing and equipment failure

Comparison of LipSeals versus LabTecta®66


Lip Seal


Ability to keep oil in bearing

No lasting ability


Protection against water ingress

No lasting protection


Protection against ingress of particles

No lasting protection


Shaft wear




Non Contacting. No Wear. No Loss of Protection

Seal Type


100 hours Use

1000 hours Use

1 Year Use

Lip Seal

Effective Sealing

Deterioration of Lip Seal

Visible Shaft Wear*

Significant loss of protection

Bearing Isolator

Effective Sealing

No Change

No Change

No Change

 *After a little over a 100 hours shaft wear can be perceived



LabTecta® is the most cost effective reliability upgrade for your equipment

Improving Rotating Equipment Reliability by Preventing Bearing Failure

The LabTecta® range reduces cost, maintenance, process downtime in addition to eliminating the cause of 52% of bearing failures. By using dynamic lift technology, equipment can breathe when running, but is sealed when the equipment is stopped, preventing ingress of contaminants that would otherwise cause damage.



LabTecta® Features & Benefits

  • Non wearing - Eliminates shaft wear in operation
  • Can be fitted on shafts previously worn by lip seals - Non contacting design enables quick and easy fitting
  • Maintenance free - Eliminates shaft wear usually caused by lip seals
  • Withstands jet washing - Meets the requirements of IP66 for applications where jet washing takes place
  • Keeps all contaminants out - Labyrinth design eliminates all ingress
  • No loss of lubricating oil - Zenith Barrier prevents any oil escaping from the chamber


Specifically designed to inhibit water ingress and oil egress, this device allows planning for uptime instead of downtime.

LabTecta Video Presentation

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